Does it seem impossible to you to feel calm, content, and excited in your life when everyone or everything needs your attention?
Have you realized you’re not able to focus on your goals or pursue your dreams?  You may have given up or are thinking “someday I’ll get to those things.”
No matter where you are in your life, change begins with you! You don’t have to do it alone. Step by step, I’ll help you envision what that change looks like – and feels like for you so you can put into action with ease.

Overwhelm to Calm - Make the Change!

How the process works:

Dream It

I’ll help you get to living your desired life by taking a closer look at the areas of your life, and zero in on what inspires you and motivates you for change.

Create It

I’ll support you in conquering any limiting beliefs, fears, or hurdles you have to move forward on a new path with renewed hope, confidence… and excitement.

Live It

We’ll set goals and action steps that work for you – a path for more time, better health, better relationships, and more enjoyment in life.

Sustain It

Keeping it going is the key! As your life coach, I’m here for you to tweak your vision and goals anytime, work through life’s bumps (life isn’t perfect), and support you in living the lifestyle you deserve.

Overwhelm to Calm – Make the Change

Two Month Program (flexible)

Now is the time to listen to the voice inside telling you that change is needed. We’ll begin wherever you are today! In eight coaching sessions, you’ll grow in confidence and take action to begin living your desired lifestyle. Let’s do this!

Investment – $800.00

Payments Available

It all starts with you!

Christine has an arsenal of tools to make the residents think about where they are in life, what they would like their life to be like and shows them how to take tangible steps to achieve their goals. Christine has been a blessing and an encouragement to me and the residents at our Home.

Lyn Lannon - Residential Advisor, Good Counsel Home