“Christine uses a holistic approach to help our residents move to the next step. She has an arsenal of tools to make the residents think about where they are in life, what they would like their life to be like and show them how to take tangible steps to achieve their goals. She shows a real interest in each resident, and their success. She tries to stay connected to them by sharing a Weekly Balance Boost, and also offers private breakthrough sessions (for free). Christine has been a blessing and an encouragement to me and the residents at our Home.”
Lyn Lannon, Residential Advisor, Good Counsel Home

“I decided to join Chris Willard for an online class called Juggling with Grace.  Chris worked on a different topic each session, yet it became clear that Chris was showing me how to make the changes needed for a truly balanced life.  She empowered me to think about setting boundaries instead of always trying to make everyone happy.  She reminded me to recognize the busyness of life but the importance of being present to enjoy each day.  Last, she also helped me to realize that self-care is necessary for yourself and those around you. If you are looking for someone to help you set goals and find your work-life balance, don’t hesitate to contact Chris!” Joyce Romano

“If you’re feeling a little frazzled, a little lost, I’m telling you, this woman can do wonders for your mental state in just one conversation! Just knowing her helped me change my life for the better. Please share!!I If you are struggling in any way, hit my girl up—in the very least, give her blog a read. You’ll be glad you did it, I promise!!! ” LauraLea Taraskus

 “What I gained from the time together with Christine and the others is the importance of being part of a ‘tribe” to be connected with others seeking and desiring the same things has a power all its own. The feeling of hope grows stronger when I am surrounded by others who are willing to open themselves up and contribute to the whole.” JoAnn Donahue

 “Chris has always been a guiding force in reminding me of the need to prioritize life, to focus on what’s really important and align my actions to my goals.” Laura. Massafra

“We appreciate Christine’s attention to detail and creative approach to self-care as it applies to work-life balance. We immediately saw the benefits and her worksheets left us with follow up information for continued use.” – Emily Freeman, Talley Management Group, Inc.

“Spending time and sharing with Chris in her workshop was such a gift.  The new ideas and support will be part of my life always.” Donna Healey