Are you ready to LIVE a life you’ve been thinking about lately?  Imagine feeling calm, content, and energized rather than overwhelmed, unsatisfied, and bored!  Let’s make this real! 

Now is the time to listen to that little voice telling you that change is needed.  We’ll talk about what that change looks like – and feels like for you. By the way, no one, I mean no one, is going to tell you to take time to care for your personal needs and start following your dreams. That’s your job – and I’m here to support you in making it happen!

Let’s have some fun creating a lifestyle you’re inspired by and excited for every day. Not clear on what that really is?  It’s okay, we’ll start from wherever you are right now. Your desire for change is most important. 

What will you really get out of working with me?  You’ll gain clarity, confidence, improved relationships (including your relationship with yourself), better health, and you’ll begin to embrace life with positive energy. 

 I’ll help you shift out of overwhelm or confusion with a clear action plan that feels right for you.  I’ll cheer you on and support you all the way! We all need support from people in our life!


Overwhelm to Calm - Make the Change!

Dream it. I’ll help you get to living your desired life by taking a closer look at the areas of your life, and zero in on what inspires you and motivates you for change.  This is fun!   

Create it.  I’ll support you in conquering any limiting beliefs, fears, or hurdles you have to move forward on a new path with renewed hope, confidence… and excitement.  

Live it.  We’ll set goals and action steps that work for you – a path to create more time, better health, better relationships, and more enjoyment in life.

Sustain it. Keeping it going is the key! As your life coach, I’m here for you to tweak your vision and goals        anytime, work through life’s bumps (life isn’t perfect), and support you in living the lifestyle you deserve. 

I work with my clients making life coaching affordable and attainable, because I truly believe we’re on this planet to support one another, and together we can create a positive ripple effect:)  Reach out to me personally at discuss a price and plan that works for you. 


© Christine Willard, Balance Expert for Busy Lives LLC