Hello! I’m a certified Life Coach dedicated to helping others leave the overwhelm and stress behind in their life, and comfortably fit self-care, fun, and a career together with ease. I’m passionate about finding creative and realistic solutions for people who really want calm and a healthy balance in their life, and are ready for change. I know first hand that it’s possible to juggle multiple responsibilities, as well as, empower yourself to pursue dreams and goals.  

I work through challenges with a determined mind and strong spirit. I enjoy setting and reaching goals whether it be running races, moving to a new geographic area, exploring new career paths, or starting a business that allows me to meet my family responsibilities and pursue my dreams.  But it wasn’t always like this…


For many years, I kept “all the balls in the air” acclimating to life transitions like…

  • Leaving a career to raise a family when many said, “Don’t waste your college education.”
  • Resuming a career after 14 years as a confident stay-at-home mom, and not so confident communications professional.
  • Managing a multi-generational household when my parents moved, and we became an eight-person household with three generations.
  • Caring for my elderly parents, dealing Dementia (we had health aides in our home on 12 hour shifts) nursing home decisions and preparing for end of life. 
  • Finding time for prom dress shopping, college searches, orthodontist appointments, homework, vacation planning, house cleaning, and birthday parties.

I was really frustrated, but just chalked it up to it being my “role” and my responsibilities in life. There was always the nagging question, “what’s missing?”  My body was telling me I needed to slow down. 

 I began to realize that I was trying to be everything to all. Acknowledging this, and seeing that it is impossible to do, sent me on a curvy, super fun…and sometimes challenging path that I changed my life. I always had a real interest and enthusiasm for finding inner peace and began to read, learn and practice whatever I could about it.   I believe in life balance, time management, a creating calm with a good dose of nature, self-care, and surrounding myself with kind people. 

It took me a while to learn that it’s not selfish to take the time to rediscover who I am, to dream, to balance my needs and wants with other responsibilities. Embracing this discovery brought real change to me                  personally and professionally. You can do this too!

I shifted my 9-5 schedule to be more present for my family and for myself, which took courage and faith.  It was the perfect move for me which led to pursuing my own dream to serve others in a personal and meaningful way.

I am the CEO of Christine Willard Balance Expert for Busy Lives LLC, and President of Many Gifts One Heart, Inc, a nonprofit empowering others through coaching, mentoring and teaching.  The path I was on for years has prepared me for all of it just perfectly. I can’t wait to support you in your life’s journey! 

    I am a Certified Life and Career Coach through the Life Purpose Institute, an accredited International Coaching Federation program, using a proven process with strategies, tools and support to improve lives, including mine. I am the owner and operator of Christine Willard, Balance for Busy Lives LLC and certified as a Women Business Enterprise. I hold a BA in Communications, Public Relations and 25+ years of work experience that has always centered on:


    • Building trusting relationships
    • Communicating effectively 
    • Connecting with people
    • Listening to and supporting others
    • Taking action to reaching goals 

    You can expect to receive sincerity, honesty, and understanding from me. If you’re ready to make real changes and find the time you need to be healthier, fulfill your dreams and create a life that meets your needs too, I am the coach for you. 

    Let’s talk.  


    © Christine Willard, Balance Expert for Busy Lives LLC