I believe we give our best to others when our take good care of ourselves. This is not selfish – it’s good self care.  Many of us are caring for multi-generations, managing demanding work schedules, and adapting to a lot of change in the world today. No one is going to tell you to take the time to tend to your needs.

It’s your job to make this a priority, and it’s my job is to guide and support you in making it happen!

I strive to make life coaching attainable for everyone, because I truly believe we’re on this planet to support one another in healthy ways. Together, we can create a positive ripple effect. I look forward to supporting you in living your best life today!

It became clear that Chris was showing me how to make the changes needed for a truly balanced life.

Joyce Romano

Supporting you with a vision that is personally inspiring and motivating.

Guiding you towards an action plan that feels realistic and possible.

Helping you overcome roadblocks to confidently pursue goals and dreams.

I am a Certified Life and Career Coach through the Life Purpose Institute, accredited by International Coaching Federation.  I hold a BA in Communications, Public Relations with many years of work experience that has always centered on:
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Supporting Others
  • Taking Action to Reach Goals
  • Continued Learning
For many years, I kept all the balls in the air, trying to acclimate to challenging life transitions, like…
  • Leaving a career to raise a family in my 20’s when many said, “Don’t waste your college education.”
  • Resuming a career after 14 years as a confident stay-at-home mom, and not so confident professional.
  • Managing a multi-generational household when my parents moved in, and we became an eight-person household with three generations.
  • Caring for my elderly parents, dealing with Dementia (we had health aides in our home on 12 hour shifts) making decisions for them, and preparing for end of life.
  • Finding time for high school prom dress shopping, college searches, orthodontist appointments, homework, vacation planning, house cleaning and birthday parties.
There was always the nagging question, “what’s missing?” My body said, “slow down!”  I realized that I was trying to be everything to all. Acknowledging this, and realizing that it is impossible to do, sent me on a curvy path of self-discovery, increased confidence, and change.
It took me a while to learn that it wasn’t selfish to take time to rediscover who I am, to dream, and to prioritize my needs and wants. Embracing this brought positive change to me emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Through this experience, I…
  • Discovered calm in repainting old furniture and in nature
  • Found inner strength to complete a few half-marathons
  • Pursued my dream to live by the ocean with my family
  • Created  a work schedule that allows for leisure time too
  • Successfully started a business with no experience
  • Learned to laugh more, love more, and enjoy life more

Are you ready to make a change?

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