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Making the Change from Overwhelm to Calm

You’re tired! You work hard, adapt to changes, and balance your job expectations with other responsibilities. Somehow you can take care of everyone else’s needs, but not your own. 

Hmm, sound familiar? Do you even know what your needs are?  

You’re on autopilot with no time to think about what  you really want…much less dream!  “Someday”, you say…

Exercising, going to bed earlier, finding quiet time…these are more items on the never-ending “to do” list. 

Lack of sleep is causing your thinking to be foggy, and constant overwhelm is draining your energy. 

Your mind, body, and spirit are crying out for some attention. Fun and leisure…what’s that?  You can’t seem to strike that magic balance between being the responsible, resourceful person you are with living a life of enjoyment and satisfaction.

But all of that ends now:)

It’s time to create a vision and plan for you that includes your wants, needs and dreams.  As your life coach, I’ll guide you in making it happen, so you can find your life balance and calm with ease and enjoyment.  It’s time!

Your relationships will be better, because you’ll feel more centered and less overwhelmed.  

Your body will thank you because you’ll finally have time to care for it on the inside and out. 

You’ll feel lighter. You’ll laugh more, and discover that you do have time to manage responsibilities while pursuing your goals and dreams.  How does that sound?  Let’s do it. 

Check out how I created and live a life of balance, meaning and fun. Let’s do the same for you!  

© Christine Willard, Balance Expert for Busy Lives LLC