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You are tired! You work hard, adapt to changes, balance your job expectations with other responsibilities. Somehow you can take care of everyone else’s needs, but not your own.

Hmm, sound familiar? Do you even know what your needs are?  You’re on autopilot with no time to think about your own needs…much less dream!

“Someday”, you say…

Exercise, meditation, going to bed earlier…these are just more items on the never-ending “to do” list. 

Lack of sleep has caught up with you and your thinking is foggy.  Your body is crying out for some attention.

Maybe Yoga, Pilates, Zumba…or sleep?

You juggle so many responsibilities for your family and co-workers have started to think you have super powers.

Fun and leisure…what’s that?  You can’t seem to strike that magic balance between being the responsible, resourceful person you are with living a life you truly enjoy.

But all of that ends now.

Let’s create a new vision that includes your wants, needs and dreams. I’ll guide you in implementing it so you can get to a place of balance and ease without all of the self-sabotage.

Your relationships will improve because you’ll feel more centered and less overwhelmed.

Your body will thank you because you’ll finally have time to care for it in inside and out.

You’ll feel lighter, you’ll laugh more, and you’ll actually find you have time for your responsibilities and to pursue your personal and professional goals and dreams.  How does that sound?  Let’s do it. 

Check out how I created a life of balance, meaning and fun.  If I can do it, so can you!  

© Christine Willard, Balance Expert for Busy Lives LLC